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Big data en de ondergang van bedrijven

Business Failure Intelligence

In a complex and turbulent world businesses face increased risks of drifting into failure. It is hardly possible for company leaders to overview all imminent threats. Let alone to act on it at the right time. Still, top leaders are held responsible when things go wrong. Moreover, in this post-Lehman and VW-Dieselgate era calls for punishment of ‘bad apples’ have dramatically increased. No CEO is too big to jail. So it seems.

But what is exactly bad leadership? And when does it transform into behaviour that should lead to directors and officers (D&O) liability claims? Oversimplifications, correlations confused as causations, as well as biased after-the-fact rationalizations lead to wrong conclusions and with that to false blames and convictions.

Even worse, they do not help us preventing business failure in the first place. Nor do we then learn from failure.

This is why we exist. To analyse when things might go wrong. To separate real causations from correlations. To challenge quick and biased human judgments. To remove easy answers. And if things unfortunately went wrong we exist to make sure that fundamental human rights are respected while searching for explanations. No matter what happened.